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Hi everyone!  As I sit here on my Christmas break, I can't help but think about my students, and the projects we are going to work on when we get back in January.  The first half of the year is spent laying the ground work, making sure they know their letters, and the letter sounds.  I really try to drive home beginning and ending sounds, and we do a little work on medial vowels as well with our spelling program.

Come January though, we are ready to hit the ground running with our beginning reading skills, and the first place I like to start is with CVC words!

Teacher your kindergarten students early reading skills with these CVC word worksheets and activities. #cvcwords #kindergarten #worksheets #activities #centers

I created this CVC word product to do a variety of things for me in the classroom.  There are 94 CVC words with the picture, and the words with dots and an arrow on them.  I love using the dot and arrow system with my students because they really start to understand how each word has three individual sounds. After you make those three sounds, you go back and blend those sounds together to make the word.  The dots and arrows provide the students with easy reminders, and are essential in those beginning stages of reading.

There are truly a ton of uses for these cards!  You can have the students put them together like they are puzzle pieces, or your can have them play memory.  When they match the picture to the word, they get to keep the cards.  I don't know about your classrooms, but memory is always a high motivation game in my class (and they don't even realize they are learning) mwah ha ha!!!

I'm all about sorts for Kinder!  Working with pre-literate students can be challenging.  They really need to see things in a concrete way to understand a topic.  I've provided you with header cards for word families and short vowel sounds.  Sorts can be used in whole group settings, like during morning meeting, as an exit ticket, or just part of your phonics instruction.

Sorts are also great for small group work.  I use mine during guided reading, RTI, and intervention for those students who are struggling with a particular concept.  These cards can also be used during literacy centers with the recording sheets.

Write the Room activities allow you to view how the students are sounding out words independently.  I like to use word family sheets to practice as a whole class and then have the students reinforce their learning by writing the word families.

When I feel my students have a pretty good grasp on the most basic sight words, I introduce sentence practice.  It gives them practice, reading, sounding out, and writing all together in one resource.

I like the Write it Sort it activities to give them 2 fold practice on sounding out the words, and sorting them into the correct short vowel sound categories.

The next three resources are all about comprehension.  So you can sound out the word, but do you know what you are reading?

I hope you find this resource as helpful as I do for your beginning readers!  You can find it in my store by clicking on the image below:

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