Kindergarten Early Finishers - Setting Up for Success

Finding activities for early finishers has always been a struggle for me.  For the last eight years, I came up with different plans every summer to address this issue.  Some ideas worked better than others, but I wasn't completely satisfied with any of my plans!

One of the biggest issues for me, was my limited number of copies.  I have absolutely no extra copies to use for early finishers, so I needed something that they could use, and then erase.  I also wanted something that I could introduce at the beginning of the year, and that students could complete independently the rest of the year.  Finally, I needed activities that would provide students practice with topics we had already covered, but that they would also find engaging and fun! With all this in mind, I created the Kindergarten Early Finishers Task Cards.

The inspiration started with these beautiful boxes from Michael's. Click on the links below the picture to purchase these boxes.

Photo Boxes from Michael's (Don't forget the use your coupon's!)
Photo Boxes from Amazon (Amazon has it in colored or clear)

I've used these boxes for an entire year now, and they are fairly durable.  I also have a rough class this year, that struggles to treat things carefully, so I'm even more impressed that they have lasted!

I broke the task cards up by months with an increasing level of difficulty in both Language Arts and Math. At the beginning of every month, I take about 10 minutes to introduce the new cards. Many of the cards are similar enough to ones the students have seen before, so the skills are easily transferable. I rarely have a students ask me how to complete the cards in a box, which saves me a lot of time!

I looked for storage options for an entire year's worth of cards, and also found these boxes at Michael's.  Both types of boxes are OFTEN 50% off, and then of course with a coupon, you can get them cheaper as well.

I originally found these boxes at Michael's, and I'm sure they still have them, but I couldn't find them online.  I did find them on Amazon though.

When students are done with their work, they can grab a box, and practice their skills.

My students' this year are obsessed with the memory games!

This project was a labor of love for me this year, and I feel like, in my 9th year of teaching, I finally found a solution to my early finisher's problem.  If you would like your own copy of this early finisher's resource, just click on the link below. You can buy the cards month by month, or you can save money on the year long bundle.

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