How to Have a Successful First Week of Kindergarten - Day 4

Welcome everyone!  There is light at the end of the tunnel, only two more days left in your first week!  You are getting to know your students, and they are beginning to understand your expectations. The crying has stopped (hopefully) and your classroom is beginning to get into a rhythm.  Let's dive into day 4!

Today we are going to focus on the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Most of your students will already know this book from preschool, so it will be a welcome and familiar sight!

We start the day off with some scissor skills during our morning work.  These pages can be challenging for some of your learners, but it is important to see who is struggling, and who has an incorrect scissor grip.  Identifying these students right away is so important! Every time you pass out an assignment that requires cutting, you need to visit these students first and make sure they have the correct grip.  If this is not fixed early, the incorrect grip will become permanent.  Trust me, I am speaking from experience, I cut like a leftie weirdo only using my thumb and index finger for most of my life : )  My kindergarten teacher actually apologized to my mom that she didn't catch it fast enough : )

Some students will get upset, and if they are really struggling, I do not make them finish the whole thing.  Like I said before, the first week is all about informal assessment.  The same is true for all the work that I am presenting to you for the first week of school.  The activities that I give you are not necessarily super challenging, and are right in line with the skills we want our students to come in with from preschool.  These activities help you to weed out the kids who don't have that very basic understanding of letters, numbers, or lack fine motor skills.  These children will need intervention early and often!  If you jump on small group work with these students starting the second week of school, you can quickly correct gaps that are missing, and catch them up to speed with the rest of the class.

After morning work, we practice our morning calendar routines, learn rule number 4, and color in our classroom rules coloring book.

We go over routines for when there is a visitor in the classroom, or when the phone rings.  I am also the Vice-Principal at my school, and there are often distractions and interruptions that I have to deal with concerning school site issues.  I have to work long and hard with my students to make sure they don't turn into wild animals when I have to put a lesson on pause for a couple minutes : )

After teaching some more routines, we do a number writing assessment.  Again, I am checking for pencil grasp, fine motor skills, and strength.

I check my procedures list, and see what else I need to work on with my students, and review some procedures that I have already taught.  I do this before and after recess.

After recess, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What So You See?  We complete a predictable sentence, and story sequence activity together.

We also work on some Brown Bear patterning skills.  This is a great assessment to see how many students in your class already understand the concept of patterning.  Patterns are not technically included in the Common Core Standards, but they are an important skill.  If all of your students have this mastered, then you can move on, and not worry about teaching that skill.  Depending on the number of students who are missing the skill, you may need to revisit it either in whole class lessons, or in small groups.

Next, we complete a simple Brown Bear paper plate art project.  I have included a quick template for the nose and ears, and then I just attach some googlie eyes.

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