How to Have a Successful First Week of Kindergarten - Day 3

 Hola! I'm back again breaking down all of the activities I do with my students during the first week of kindergarten!  On to day 3!

Today's activities will be centered around the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  As you all know, this is a great book to use during the first week of school, not just because the kids love it, but also for the letter activities, and assessment possibilities!

We start the day off with some more fine motor skills and pencil practice.  Remember to circulate through the room, and look for correct pencil grip and strength, and correct as needed.

After our morning work, we meet back at the rug for calendar time, and to introduce rule #3.  We color the corresponding coloring page in this pack:

On day 3, I like to introduce classroom jobs and early finishers work.  I show them the classroom job board, and review who has what job.  This will be revisited at the end of the day when everyone needs to do their clean-up job.  The only people in my class who have jobs in the morning, are the calendar and attendance people, so I describe those jobs, and guide the students through them.  

I also discuss what they should be doing when they finish an assignment early. For the first two days of the week, I put book boxes on their tables, and just have them read out of those when they are done with an assignment. I have created this early finishers product, so that when students are done, they can go and grab a box, along with a dry erase marker or clothespins, and get to work on reviewing a skill independently.

Next, we complete a letter sound assessment.  The students look at the letter, and color the picture that has the same beginning sound.  Doing all 26 letters at the same time can be a bit overwhelming, so I split it up into 2 pages, and sometimes do the second page on another day.

Before lunch, we discuss where they should put their sweater when they do not need it anymore, so I do not have them lying all around the classroom, and the parents are not complaining that their child lost their sweater.

After recess, we discuss book care and how to put books back into the correct location in our classroom library.  I then read them Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and we do an upper/lower case letter match-up sheet.

I review another procedure from my list, remember, you can get the list for free, just click on the picture, and it will take you to the product:

Next, we move on to math, and with this assignment, I am getting a sense for the students number ordering and number recognition skills.

Finally, we complete a little Chicka Name Tree activity.  You can either use stamps or foam letters.  I prefer foam letters, but I didn't bring any home with me from the classroom this summer, so my example shows it with stamps : )  You could of course have them rainbow write their name with markers or crayons, or even use paint.

Clean-up and pack-up routines are reviewed and practiced, and then adios, time for home!  Here is a list of the products and resources that can be found in this post:

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