How to Have a Successful First Week of Kindergarten - Day 5

Alright guys, we made it!!! It's the last day of the first week of kindergarten!!! That means, it's almost, the first weekend of the school year!  Long naps will be had, and wine will be consumed!!! : )  But before we can get there, we need to finish up our last day, with some activities using the timeless - Rainbow Fish!

I'm sure just about everyone has this book in their classroom library.  It's a great way to talk about friendship and sharing!

We are starting the day off with some more scissor skills, and assessing which of our students need assistance with their grip, and which ones need some strength training to be able to hold their scissors properly.

Calendar procedures will follow, and our last rule will be introduced.  The students will color the corresponding coloring page, and then we will return to the rug to review procedures, and introduce any that have yet to be covered.

At this point, I have usually covered all of my big topics on the procedures list.  It varies class by class, but I am usually just reviewing procedures at this point.  Every class is different, some years, we have practiced lining up and walking in a straight line until I am blue in the face.  Other years, we need to practice cleaning up immediately after the bell has rung, and some years, I don't need to repeat practically anything!  Every class is so different, and I wish all of you an angel class this year
 : )

Today's assessment is on shapes!  We will match up the shapes to everyday objects.

More routines and procedures occur before and after recess, and then on to The Rainbow Fish!  We will complete a sight word matching activity, that will really give me a sense of who can match-up letters and see patterns.

This is followed by a number matching activity, which is also giving my valuable information into my student's beginning number recognition skills.

Finally, we will be completing this art project that I found on Pinterest!

Isn't this so cute!!! You can find the instructions, and a link to the project here:

Clean-up and pack-up procedures are reviewed and practiced and BOOM, you did it!!! You survived the first week of Kindergarten!!  Now go enjoy that well deserved glass of wine and 8pm bedtime!!!

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