How to Have a Successful First Week of Kindergarten - Day 2

Hello!!! Welcome back to day 2 of the blog series - How to Have a Successful First Week in Kindergarten!  Yesterday, I shared with you different activities that you can use with the book The Kissing Hand. Here is a link to that post, if you missed it:

The second day is when I really start to talk about my behavior management system and expectations, so today's post will be all about the book Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker!

As with my previous post, I am going to share with you what my schedule looks like for the day, and share some freebies that go along with the mentor text.  Here is what a day 2 schedule looks like for me:

The students come in, and I remind them of their morning routines, where to put their backpack, lunch, and where they can find their morning work.  On this day, we will be focusing on fine motor skills, and I will be doing a quick visual assessment on pencil grip and strength.

I take some anecdotal records, and note who might need some extra strength training and fine motor practice, and then we come to the rug for calendar time.  I review the calendar routines again, and I introduce rule #2 to them.  We discuss it, and they do a coloring page that relates to the rule.  Again, you can find those in my Classroom Rules and Coloring Book resource:

After this is completed, we come back to the rug, and go over more routines.  Here is a free list of classroom routines that need to be covered during the first couple of weeks in school:

On the second day, as I said before, I really like to start discussing my behavior system with the students.  I let them know what I expect out of them, and the consequences and rewards that they can expect when they do (or do not) meet those expectations.  Clear communication about your expectations leads to minimal classroom disruption!  Staying consistent with your rewards and consequences allows the students to build trust in you.  Behavior problems are stopped even before they are started when a student knows that you will follow through on the things you say!

After discussing behavior expectations, I give a quick lower case letter assessment.  Again, I am looking for pencil grip, strength, and fine motor skills.

Looking at my procedure list, I cover a couple more items before and after recess. When we come back in, we read Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker. We discuss our classroom rules again, and model how good listeners sit properly and pay attention.  We then read a little decodable book together, called - I can be a good listener!

In-between every assignment, I sneak in some new routines to teach, and review some of the ones that I have already taught.  Next up is math, and we will do a missing numbers activity.  This activity really helps me to asses who has a solid foundation in number order and number recognition!

Next, we do a fun little owl art project:

I will include a template for this at the end of the blog post : )  I use these owls to decorate one of our bulletin boards.  Here are some "punny" things you can add to your board with the owls:

Look Whoo's in Kindergarten! (or our class)
Hoot Hoot Hooray for Good Listeners! (or for K)
Kindergarten (or any other grade) is a hoot!
"Owl-some" Listeners!
"Owl-standing" Listerners!
Be Whooo Jesus Wants You to Be!

After the art projects are done and cleaned up, I review the end of day routines again, and we pack-up, and head out the door!

Here is a list of resources that can be found in this blog post:

Check out the other posts in this series for more first week freebies!

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