Martin Luther King Jr. Week (freebie included)

Happy Sunday everyone!  I spent a good couple of hours in my class yesterday figuring out where to put this awesome teepee that my husband got for me!  I love the way it turned out but trying to make the angles of the teepee work was more challenging than I anticipated.  Many things got moved around, and some things even got thrown out, so I guess it was kind of like teepee induced early Spring cleaning? : )

This week is all about Martin Luther King.  We began our learning about Martin Luther King with a social studies lesson about Rosa Parks last week.  It's always interesting to see how appalled the students are when you teach them about segregation.  Every year it confirms the fact  that racism is learned, not something that is inherent inside of us.  We will continue our discussion this week with Martin Luther King Jr. in both social studies and language arts.

I created a Martin Luther King timeline to go along with our social studies curriculum this week.  If you would like a copy of it, click on either of the pictures below.

Have a wonderful week everyone, that three day weekend is just around the corner!

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