App of the Week - Sky Fish Phonics

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is getting through the first week back with tons of energy and enthusiasm : ) It helps that we have Downton Abbey and The Bachelor to come home to this week! I wanted to share a new app with you this week in what I am hoping will be a regular series of app reviews.

First up! Sky Fish Phonics! To say that this is a favorite in my classroom is a huge understatement! The video game quality of the app grabs their attention, and the phonemic awareness and phonics skills it reinforces make me one happy teacher

The app first allows the students to choose a costumed fish. The graphics are really high quality with clear, crisp colors.


The students then pick a level, and are actually motivated to choose higher levels because of the video game aspects that make it more challenging. 


You shoot the fish out of little cannons, and collect stars along the way. There are little bombs, electricity shocks, and other obstacles that interfere with your path. Besides the language arts benefits, I like that this game makes them concentrate, and plan out their moves.  In many of the levels, the cannons also move, so they need to be strategic.


After they have gone through a couple of cannons, they come to a phonics question.  The program starts out with simpler letter correspondence questions, and then moves to phoneme replacement questions of beginning and ending sounds.




At the end of the game, they get the try and unlock a new fish character by shooting the fish at the character they would like.


I seriously cannot tell you how often this app gets played in my classroom. That's the wonderful thing about apps, if you find the right ones, they can be highly engaging, and rigorous at the same time! The best part about this app? It's free!! Go grab your copy now, your kids will love it!


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