App of the Week Ninja Style!

Hello!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  We are finishing up our second quarter on Friday, with report cards going out on Monday, so I'm getting all of my last minute assessments done.  My husband and I are going up to Lake Arrowhead with a bunch of our friends for the long weekend!  I need to make sure everything is done before I go, because I know there will be too much fun being had to worry about report cards! : )

It's time for.....

This week I want to talk to you about ninjas!   What kid (or adult) is not going to get excited about an app when it has ninja in the name?!?!  This game is based off of the fruit ninja game, which I have never played, but gather that it is fairly addicting.  The first one in the ninja series I bought was ABC ninja.

The app calls out a letter, and when you see it, you ninja slice it with you finger.  There is a little timer in the top right corner, and if you are quick enough (like a ninja) you get more time added on to get more points.

If you slice the wrong letter it makes a little bonking sound to let you know that it is incorrect.  What I really like about this game, is that if you miss a letter, the app will adjust, and give you the letter again for practice, and then again once more just to make sure you fully understand what the letter looks like.

At the end of the time, they give you a little summary of how you did.  Which ones you got, and which ones you missed.  I always challenge my kids to get a fewer number of x's each time that they play.

After I got  ABC ninja, I found the sight word ninja!  It works pretty much the same way as the ABC ninja, except guessed it...with sight words.

The great thing about this app is that the sight words are really centered around kindergarten learning and those first 100 sight words.

Both of these apps are only $1.99, and they are well worth the investment for the reinforcement they provide, and the customization of the app when a letter or word is missed.  Let me know how you like the app, and if there are any apps that I am missing out on!

Have a great rest of your week!!

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