Planning the Kindergarten Year

Every year I like to spend some time during the summer mapping out what my year will look like.  I feel every year that I get further away from my basal text, and add more and more resources that truly fit the Common Core standards.  All through out the school year I learn about new TPT sellers, and fantastic resources that I want to include in my curriculum!  I take the summer time to weed through all of the information. I decide what worked for me last year. What I need to get rid of. And what new resources I would like to incorporate into my curriculum.

I am happy to say that I have finished my curriculum plan for next year and we are still in July!!!! It might be the end of July, but that's still deserving of an extra glass of wine tonight, as I watch the bachelorette finale, don't you think?!?!?

My curriculum planning guide is a popular resource in my TPT shop.  It is a simple power point form that helps you plan out each week.  I really feel like it helps me to align my resources by theme, so that the students are absorbing as much cross curricular knowledge as they can.

I got a little crazy with all of the separate subjects this year, and made a million split cells on mine.  I really wanted to plan out every little single part of the curriculum. Last year I found that by doing that, it cut my lesson planning time in half!  When you have that broad overview, and know what resources you are going to use, it makes planning a breeze!

I'm not going to lie, creating all those extra boxes was a bit of a pain, especially when trying to keep it in printing ranges.  The month of February and I got into an argument about what was possible in a print range, and I'm pretty sure that February won.

When I was a first year teacher (in a school that only has one teacher per grade), I really just wanted someone to tell me how they did it!  What was a year supposed to look like?  What topics was I supposed to teach at what time?  How long was I supposed to teach a particular topic?  I had no clue!  I don't have all of the answers now, but going into my 8th year  I have a lot more than when I started.  I am posting my year long plan here for teachers who need that help getting started, and for those veteran teachers, who just like to compare notes! : )

I included a list of resources at the end, with links to all the products, if you are interested in checking out what I use to piece my curriculum together.

I hope this is useful information for you as you plan out your next school year!  If you would like a free copy of my year plan, just click the pictures above! 


A Little Bit About Mrs. B

Today I am linking up with the Kinder Tribe for our first ever linky party!
Yesterday we launched the blog with an ENOURMOUS giveaway!  If you haven't had a chance to go over and enter to win some of the amazing prizes, head on over there now!
Now, on to the linky party...
For those who are new to my blog, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name in Cori (short for Corinne) Blubaugh (a.k.a. Mrs. B) and I live in San Diego with my husband and two dogs (a Schnoodle and Italian Greyhound).

We recently moved into a new house (still renting because San Diego has a really expensive housing market : ).  My mom gave me a house warming gift of a wine fridge!!!!
I am a red wine drinker, and this baby keeps my reds perfectly chilled.  It used to be hard to drink reds during our San Diego summers, because I was already hot, and then my red wine sitting out on the counter wasn't much better, and just made me feel even more gross and sweaty!  Wine fridge = problem solved! Woo hoo for red wine in the summer! : )
I LOVE Scentos markers!  After my kids finish something in their interactive journals (Science, Social Studies, Poetry).  They come over to me with their journals, I do a quick comprehension check, give them a "smelly star" and quickly enter their grade into our online grading system.  My kids leave my table with their heads buried in their notebooks, smelling the delicious artificial marker smells (chocolate is my favorite)!
I love to laugh! At home with my friends and family, and especially with my kindergarten students!  I love corny jokes, and I adore sarcasm.  For these reasons, I love to read my kids Jan Thomas books.  The Rhyming Dust Bunnies are certainly a favorite for my students and I.  I love that she writes the books with so much humor (and great punctuation practice). As my students' reading skills improve, they are able to read her books independently.
My Big Mean Dust Bunny voice is pretty popular with my kids I must say : )
Teaching kindergarten is hard work!  I go home most days completely exhausted, but my heart is always full.  I have the best stories to bring home to my husband!  Those kids are always saying things that crack me up!
Student - "Mrs. B, what are freckles?"
Me - "Those are the brown spots I have on my face, those are called freckles."
Student - "Ohhhhhhh, I thought those were called barnacles?"
I seriously can't get enough of those little moments that have me rolling on the floor laughing, and making me feel like I am so lucky to teach these little people, and can't believe how happy my job makes me!
I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me! Make sure that you link up with the Kinder Tribe blog so that I can learn a little bit more about you as well!

Kinder Tribe Blog Launch - With a HUGE giveaway!

Hi everyone!

   I am so excited this morning!!! Today is the launch of our Kinder Tribe collaborative blog!  A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes, by some very talented ladies, and today is finally the day!!!
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