Standards Roadmap to Success ~ Freebie!

Happy Summer Vacation!!!!!

  This is my second official day of summer vacation and I am so happy to say that I have got something marked off of my to do list both days! (and managed to take 2 naps on top of it : )  Today I was working on a yearly standards plan that I could send out to my fellow teachers.  I know some people don't like working during the summer, but to avoid a stressful August, I like to get started early!

With the changes in our standards it is so important to have a year long map completed to make sure that all of the standards are being met.  To be honest with you, and I'm sure this is the case with a lot of your schools, there just isn't a whole lot of Common Core material availabe, or at least not complete curriculum.

I researched a fair amount of Common Core language arts programs this Spring.  I was really hoping to choose one that encompassed everything we were looking for, without breaking the bank.  I know that I am not an expert on this, but I felt like all of the ones I looked at had some major flaws (especially for the amount of money we would be spending to get them).

When I first started teaching, I thought that the textbooks were the end all be all to teaching the standards.  I thought that everything I would need would be encompassed in those teaching manuals.  The more experience I get under my belt, I have come to understand that a teacher really needs to make up their own curriculum to meet the standards, and that that curriculum needs to be changed every year based on the group of kids you have.

While veteran teachers know this, it's hard to visualize as a new teacher where the gaps are in your curriculum.  This standards roadmap is an attempt to give those teachers a look at the big picture and to supplement the right resources to fill in the gaps.

It is a very simple form, but effective in finding areas of need.  Along with this, I sent my teachers an analysis of CA ELA and math standard to Common Core standards.  This is a new find to me, and I am sure that all states have them.  I believe that it will be a big help when looking at old existing textbooks with the state standards in them, and then converting them to the related Common Core standard.

This was compiled by the Sacramento County Office of Education.  I also really like that is has a page that states which standards are in the Common Core, but non-existent in the CA state standards.

We use Open Court at my school, which covers a lot of the phonics standards, but I like to supplement with these resources.
Love the poetry stations from Mrs. Wills, and the After the Poem Resource that accompanies it, and provides lots of interactive notebook activities.

I started using Khrys Bosland's spelling program last year, even though I don't have Reading Street.  No joke, my kids' phonics skills went through the roof, and they ended the year with the highest reading levels I have ever had in a class, and I seriously believe it had a lot to do with this program.

Hello Two Peas in a Pod came up with a wonderful resource to reinforce those phonological skills in a quick and fun manner.

This is a new-to-me product from Jen Jones that I will be using this year.  I'm looking to fill in more of those gaps, and get my kids using that academic language!

and pretty much anything Annie Moffat has ever created...

I hope that you find this post helpful for your year long planning of the standards.  If you would like the standards roadmap, or the California to Common Core conversion worksheets, just click on the links below:

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