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Hi everyone!
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This has been my first week of summer vacation, and I feel like it is already flying by!!! Am I the only one who feels this way?!?!  This week was a great mix of getting stuff done, and having some fun!

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I got my first TPT project of the summer done and posted!  I'm trying to work on three different year long center resources this summer, to make my life easier (and other teachers' as well!).  It felt wonderful to get one knocked out in the first week!




Wine fridge!!!!! My husband and I recently moved into a new house, and my mom asked me if I would like a wine fridge for my house warming gift?!?! Uhhhhmmmmm, of course!!!  I am loving my perfectly chilled red wines!
This week I worked on a yearly plan template for the teachers at my school.  I got the template completed, found some great resources, e-mailed it to all my teachers, and even blogged about it!!! (Click on the picture if you would like to read the blog post.)
I got a ton of errands done this week!  I managed to fit in a haircut, pedicure, dentist appointment, and even a grooming appointment for my little man Nigel!
[Divider%25205%255B5%255D.png] I the only one who gets called for jury duty EVERY SINGLE YEAR?!?!?! I always postpone it until the summer time, and next week I will be calling in the see if I have to go in.  Fingers crossed that I don't have to go in at all, and that if I do, I get a lot of time to work on school stuff, and not actually get called to be on a jury : )
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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