Social Studies Interactive Journals for Kindergarten

Hi everyone!

   This Spring break has allowed me to get one of my TPT to do list item finally crossed off! My Kindergarten Social Studies Interactive Journal!  Ever since I finished my science one, I've been itching to start this one. These packs take a looooong time to create, so I am happy I got the chance to sit down and work on this for hours on end staring at the computer screen, further damaging my eye sight : )
I have really gotten into interactive journals this year with my kids. They love doing it and I love how I don't have extra paper everywhere.  I immediately enter them into my grading system when the kids are done and show me there work, so really, they save me a lot of time!
This product is packed full of activities, it have 67 worksheets that you can use all year long!
It covers a wide variety of topics, including classroom rules and manners, emotions, the calendar, holidays, maps, famous Americans, American symbols, community helpers, and transportation.
Every worksheet comes with either sorting cards or vocabulary cards that you can use for whole class instruction.
The vocabulary card can be put up on a weekly focus board, or your white board, to help reinforce vocabulary learned during social studies all week long!
Click on any of these pictures, and it will take you to the product in my TPT store, which will be 20% for the next 2 days!  I hope you find this product useful, and something that will support your teaching!

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