Chapter 4 Book Study - Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

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I was so excited when I saw the title for Chapter 4 - GAMES!!! I love to play games, and am constantly bugging my family and friends to have game nights (no one else seems to enjoy it as much as I do : )  My friends and I also attend trivia nights occasionally where we face off against other teams, and we've actually won a couple of times!

I'm competitive by nature, I loved playing high school sports.  I will save you the torture, and me the embarrassment by not posting my high school field hockey, basketball, and track photos.  Once again, aren't we all appreciative that social media was in it's infancy/non-existent during high school?!?!?!

I also was excited to read this chapter, because I know that I don't utilize this learning strategy enough in my classroom (even though it is something I personally enjoy).  I knew that this chapter would give me some great ideas, and it did not disappoint!

I got some fantastic ideas, some that I had used in the past, and some that were new to me.  One of the best reminders for me in this chapter though, was that games not only assist the students in learning content, but games also teach them sharing, taking turns, team work, and to be respectful no matter if you win or lose.  In kindergarten, we all know that these concepts can be very hard for some of our students.  We are still learning social skills, and controlling our emotions can be very difficult.  Games can help students practice those important interpersonal skills in a fun and engaging way.

I'm sharing a bingo freebie with you today.  It's just a simple way to brush up on some sight word identification.  I haven't met a student yet who doesn't love bingo! Click on the picture for the freebie.
These are from my Wise Words pack on TPT that focuses on the first 100 sight words, and contains engaging activities to practice each set of 10 words.
I learned a lot in this chapter, but it also just gave me a great reminder to incorporate more game play into my classroom, which is something that has been on my mind, but this gave me the push I needed to start creating!


Chapter 3 - Worksheet Don't Grow Dendrites

Happy Saturday!
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Chapter 3 of the book was entitled Field Trips.  While I love a good field trip, I can't help but dread them as well.  I always end the day feeling like I've been run over by a truck!  Trying to keep track of all my little ones, and make sure that the parents are organized and well informed at the same time runs me ragged!  Field trips are one of the times that I wish I could be a more laid back person, and just enjoy the ride and the children's excitement, and let the controlling monster inside me take a break!

The only thing that saves field trips in my book is the pure joy that the students get out of it!  They come back years later, and reminisce with me about their field trips and the various things that they remember from it (like the elephant farting : )  I am blessed to live in San Diego, and have so many wonderful places to explore around us!  Every year we normally take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and to the San Diego Zoo!

My kids always have a wonderful time!  We also have done some in-school "field trips" when we have guest speakers, this picture is from when we had one of the parents (who is a dentist) come in and speak about dental health and getting rid of germs. 

I loved the idea in the book, that just getting out of the classroom can be a benefit to the students.  Getting some fresh air and changing your point of view is so beneficial!  I know getting up and walking around really gets my creative juices flowing, and we've all seen this graphic as to the brain's activity after some movement.

I created this simple little form for the students to use as they got out of the classroom, walked around the school, and found some 2-D and 3-D shapes.  If you would like a free copy, just click on the picture below.

I think that this chapter was a good reminder to me to let them out of the class every now and then!  We have a beautiful grass area just outside of our classroom, and I always forget to just have them do their work out there on beautiful sunny days!  It is always so peaceful, and the kids really enjoy it!

After reading this chapter, I am going to try and look for ways to allow my students more interaction with the outside world to get their creative juices flowing and allow them memories that will really stay with them for a lifetime.


Peek at My Week - Eggs and Persuasive Writing


Good morning everyone!

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We are having a rare San Diego rainy morning, so this is how I spent the first part of my day.
Is anyone else obsessed with this show?!? I just love her style, and wish that I had her talent to make homes that beautiful!  My husband and I are hoping to buy a house within the next couple of years, and this show really makes me want a fixer upper!  I watch all of the wonderful things that they do to customize a house, and think,  we could do that!  I know in real life it's a huge old pain in the butt, and I would probably be cursing HGTV for making me think it would be easy, but it's nice to dream!
Last week was one of the more stressful weeks of my life!  Our school finally had its accreditation visit, and I got the flu, and there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it because I had to be there at work, because I'm the vice-principal, and I wrote a good portion of the accreditation book! It was time to suck it up, and down Dayquil and Nyquil like the company was going out of business! I somehow survived, and I thank my lucky stars that we had the foresight to give ourselves a 4-day weekend after the accreditation was over when planning last year!  I had many things planned for this 4-day weekend, but it's mostly been spent rotating from the couch to the bed, oh well! At least I had the time to rest.
Here's what next week is looking like:
Getting into all of our March resources!
Starting our Unit 4 writing with persuasive writing.  This is always a fun one to teach, the kids come up with some great reasons as to why they should get their way!
I hope everyone has an wonderful week, the end is in sight! Or at least Spring Break is in sight : )