Next Generation Science Standards in Kindergarten

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   Last month, as I working on my January lesson plans, I decided that I wanted to tackle one of the new Next Generation Science Standards.  To be honest, I have read over all of them, but haven't really analyzed them to the fullest extent.  We obviously don't have new science curriculum yet, but I thought I would give it a shot.
Looking at the standards of K-PS3 Energy I tried to create some activities that would meet this standard.  The first one that I came up with was a review of the sun's benefits for us on Earth.
We reviewed the things that the sun provides us with, and then did a little matching activity.
The next day, we discussed the sun and the dangers of too much sun exposure.  We also completed an activity for our interactive science journals in which we sorted pictures based on their ability to protect us from the sun.
Finally, we built shade structures to "reduce the warming effects of sunlight on an area."  I collected the recycling at my house for a week of two and brought in some materials for them to use.  They began the project by sketching the preliminary design for their structure. Most of my groups just created a simple model on the paper, one group decided to make a "shopping list" of the items they wanted from the recycling pile.

Rollers, bottles, and cardboard : )  After they made their lists or pictures they got what they needed from the recycling pile and got to work.  I walked around with tape for them to use and observed them making their creations.
This groups final design came closest to their preliminary drawing!
Only two girls in this group, so of course it had to look like a house, complete with a front door!
Sorry for my horrible iPhone 4s pictures!  One more month until I can get the iPhone 6!

Overall, I was extremely happy how these turned out.  I gave them very little direction and it was amazing to see the ones that just had a natural talent for engineering and spatial reasoning.  It was also very interesting to see which students could visualize what they wanted before creating it, and which ones had to get their hands on the materials to manipulate them in order to see the direction they wanted to go in.

I know that there is a lot more to this standard than these activities.  Each NGSS is multi-layered and requires research and in-depth study, but I am happy with our start on this one!

If you would like a free copy of these activities to help you get started on this standard, click HERE

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