2015 Blog Post Planning Calendar

Hi everyone!
   I hope your first day back from the Thanksgiving break is calm and productive : )  I am happy to say that I got a lot done over the break!  A lot of things that kept getting pushed from week to week on my to do list finally got done. Woo Hoo!!!!! Now I just need to decorate for Christmas! This year has been insanely busy for me with the new vice-principal role and our accreditation, but things are finally starting to settle down (I hope), and one of my goals for the new year is to be more consistent with my blogging.
  You know that I am a big fan of a good to do list, so I decided to make a 2015 blogging calendar.  If I can see the big picture, and plan out my posts in an organized manner then I should (theoretically) be able to post more often, with relevant information.
I have tried using fancier blogging calendars, but in the end I just like to write down a general topic that I want to write about on a specific day, and go from there.  This is a very simplistic form, but, again it helps me to see the big picture over the whole month/year.
 If you would like a copy of this free blogging calendar, just click HERE

I hope that you find this calendar helpful, and that it can assist you in your future blogging!!

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