Focus Wall Freebie!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Monday!  I wanted to share a quick focus wall freebie with you that I created last week for my classroom!

I've been meaning to get this focus wall up and running for some time, but with the start of the school year, this project got pushed to the back burner.  I created signs for each subject that I wanted to communicate to the students about.
I printed them on cardstock, laminated them, and hung them up.
I write on them with Vis-à-vis markers, and then just clean them off with a little water at the end of the week.  I review the objectives on the focus wall with my students at the beginning of each day during calendar time.  Last week was my first time doing this, and I felt that the focus wall was not only a good reminder and reinforcement for my students, but also for me!  I think it is going to be a great tool to help keep us on track.

If you would like a free copy of these focus wall sheets, click HERE!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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