Parent Conference Form - Freebie!

Today was my first day of parent conferences, and I got through 13 of them.  Our school has three days of mini-days to get the conferences done, and we are given 10 minutes with each parent.  Three of mine didn't show up today, which kept me right on schedule (I talk too much).  In my early years of teaching, I would get very nervous anticipating these conferences.  I was so worried that parents would ask me questions that I couldn't answer.  Whenever I am nervous or anxious about something, I like to over prepare, and that's why I started using these conference forms.

I write down some talking points for each student about their skill levels, and behavior.
This gives me some great talking points, and it also gives the parents something that they can take home that clearly states what their child needs the most help with.  Report cards are often for parents to decipher.  I have received a lot of positive feedback from the parents about this report and the clarity it gives to their child's progress.

If you would like a free copy of this simple form, click HERE

With a class of only 18 this year my conferences are flying by!  I only have 2 more conferences tomorrow, and then 1 1/2 free mini-days to get caught up on grading and lesson plans. Woo hoo!!!


Focus Wall Freebie!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Monday!  I wanted to share a quick focus wall freebie with you that I created last week for my classroom!

I've been meaning to get this focus wall up and running for some time, but with the start of the school year, this project got pushed to the back burner.  I created signs for each subject that I wanted to communicate to the students about.
I printed them on cardstock, laminated them, and hung them up.
I write on them with Vis-à-vis markers, and then just clean them off with a little water at the end of the week.  I review the objectives on the focus wall with my students at the beginning of each day during calendar time.  Last week was my first time doing this, and I felt that the focus wall was not only a good reminder and reinforcement for my students, but also for me!  I think it is going to be a great tool to help keep us on track.

If you would like a free copy of these focus wall sheets, click HERE!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

The 30 Best iPad Apps for Kindergarten

Hi Everyone!
   I'm finally starting to get my head above water from the beginning of the school year!  Taking over as Vice Principal of Academics in an accreditation year has been a bit of a challenge!  I'm trying to learn my job, and then sound like an expert at it for all of the new teachers, and the visiting accreditation team at the same time.  I'm just going with the fake it until you make it attitude : )  I know next year will be a piece of cake, I've just got to get it all figured out and organized this year!

  One of the projects that has been lingering on my to do list, has been organizing all the amazing iPad apps that I use in my classroom, and providing a resource for my parents to find them.  I created this note to send home listing all of my favorite apps.

Here is a list of the most loved (by both my students and I) Kindergarten iPad apps!

Beginning Reading Skills:
Reading Raven 1 & 2
Howie Hungry Monster
BOB Books

This screenshot is from Reading Raven 1 - it does a great job of reinforcing beginning letter sound knowledge!

Letter Sounds:
Rocket Speller
Gappy Learns Reading
Montessori Crosswords
Skyfish phonics - my kids are OBSESSED with this game.  It gives them the phonics skills they need in a video game/competition setting.

High Frequency Words:
Eggy 250 HD
Eggy Phonics 1,2,&3
Eggy 250 - Good repetitive activities to really make those high frequency words stick!

Letter Recognition:
Little Finder ABC
Eggy Alphabet
Little Matchups
Little Finder - How fast can you find those letters?!?!? So much fun!

Overall Skills:
Teach me Kindergarten

Math Skills
Eggy Add to 20
Bugs and Buttons 1 & 2
Bugs and Bubbles
Bugs and Numbers
Monkey Math School Sunshine
Counting Caterpillar
Gazzili Shapes
Gazzili Math
Eggy Number 1-10
Eggy Numbers to 100
Bugs and Buttons - Great graphics, and many math and fine motor games.

Gazzili Science

English Language Learners:
Ben and Bella Zoo
Eggy Word Snap
Fun English
Penyo Pal
Ben and Bella - Repetitive games with commonly used English words that the students need to know, like colors, numbers, shapes, animals, and measurement words.

I hope you find this list useful.  I am always on the lookout for new, amazing apps, so please share if you have any to add to the list.

For a free copy of the letter home to parents, click HERE!