New iPhones are Coming - Fundraising Opporuntites are too!

Hi everyone!
   I don't know about you, but I am so excited for the new iPhone to come out!  My husband and I still have 4s phones and are sooooo ready for an update!  I know I'm not the only one who will be going out updating my phone within the next couple of months.  The parents at my school will have the same idea, and I want to capitalize on this as a means to make money for our school!

  We all know that you can turn your old phone into your service provider, and they will give you a measly amount of money in return for it.  You could sell your phone on eBay and make a better profit, but who has time for that?  Why not donate your old phone to your child's school, and help them raise money for new technology in their classrooms?!?!

  I started researching companies that recycled old electronics and could help our school with a fundraiser.  Our school currently has a goal of getting Apple TV's and ceiling mounted projectors into each classroom.  The cost is about $1,500 per room, so we need to do some serious fundraising. I came across the company EcoPhones and decided to register and get our program started before the next iPhone comes out on September 19th.

After researching a couple of different companies, this one seemed to have clear cut instructions, and competitive prices.  You can click on the upper right hand corner of the website, and they will give you a price list.  This price list tells you exactly what they will pay for each phone that you turn in.

They take old phones, iPads and tables, iPods, printer cartridges, and jewelry.  For our fundraiser I decided to just stick with the electronics.  The website has convenient pre-made letters to send home to the parents (both English and Spanish are available).

The website also has pre-made templates for posters and flyers that you can distribute throughout your school and community.

I will be starting this fundraiser next week.  We will have a contest between the classrooms to see who brings in the largest amount of donations.  The winning class will get a prize (usually a pizza party or free dress day).

I am hoping that this fundraiser will come at the perfect time for our school so that we can capitalize on all of the phone upgrades that the parents and students will be making within the next couple of months! 

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