Hand Signal Bookmark

   I'm working on getting my classroom back in order this week.  It's still a giant mess, but once I have everything cleaned up I will post pictures!  Today will be spent building new bookcases from Walmart, and finishing up my word wall : ) 
  I wanted to share a quick freebie with you before I head in today.  One of the people who purchased my CHAMPS behavior management pack asked my if I could create a custom hand signal card.  She has a new student this year that has special needs.  She showed the special education teacher the hand signal cards, and the teacher really liked them, and was wondering if there was any way to get a smaller version that could be posted on the student's desk.
   The teacher wanted them to be about bookmark size, so this is what I came up with.
This card would be great on your students desks as visual reminders of the cues they need to use in the classroom. 

****Updated 9/5/16 - I have had some requests for a 5"x7" size, and I have also updated this bookmark with new clip art.  In the link below, you will find the old version, the new version, and the 5x7 version that you can choose from!