Curriculum Planning Process

   The countdown has begun!  4 more weeks until I have to report back to school! I know these 4 weeks are going to fly by in the blink of an eye.  I am already stressing about my to do list (why do I put so much on it every year?!?!).  Anyways, to calm the panic, I decided to work on my year long curriculum plan today, and wanted to show you the process that I go through.

I start with my school calendar.  This is still in rough draft form, but I sweet talked my way into getting one from our secretary, before the break.  Does anyone else get their calendar for the following year, or is it given to you when you go back?
I begin by writing in all of the important dates and activities that will be happening into the notes section.
 I try to plan for as many special events as I can.  I hate it when I have everything organized and the class is running along smoothly, and then all of a sudden, the fire alarm goes off!  After that, I am behind in my lesson plans, and scrambling to finish everything that I wanted to for the day. Things will always pop up, but I try to plan for as many extra events as possible to help keep me on track.

Next, I add in some notes for each subject.  This planning guide is split up by week, so this is just an overview of what I plan on covering that week.  
 The top row is gray, because it is half in April, and half in May.  I make it a different color so that I don't get confused and put the wrong plans on the wrong week : ) 

I do some abbreviations here because my space is limited.  My school uses the Open Court Language Arts Program.  My first year of teaching, I thought that this program would be sufficient to teach my students all of the skills they needed to know, but there are many gaps.  Here are the resources I have added in over the years.

These three additions have really added depth and rigor to my language arts instruction.  This year I am considering adding the following:

2. Supplemental Spelling Program by Khrys Bosland - I already have a spelling program, but this one looks interesting.

I fill in all of my subject areas and look for ways that I can utilize cross curricular learning.  For example, when I do Deedee's poem "Fire" in October, I teach fire safety in social studies, and fire properties in science.  We do an experiment to show that fire needs air to continue burning.

I check my standards as I go through my curriculum plan, to make sure I am covering everything I need to.  Does everyone have this great Common Core Standards App?

I used this curriculum map last year and it saved me a lot of time on my lesson plans.  I quickly reviewed what I wanted to teach, and filled in the blanks. This system gave me a great overview of each month, and the year as a whole.  If you are interested in this planning guide you can find it on my TPT store.

Now I have to go and pay attention to Mr. Nigel, because apparently I'm not focusing on him enough : )


  1. I love this! Would you be willing to share your actual filled out Curriculum Map? I'm just curious to see.

    1. Hi Leah!
      I am definitely working on that right now. : ) I will post it here when I finish : )