CHAMPS - Notebook Style

Hi all!
   I'm slowly chipping away at my to do list before school starts.  One of my biggest request for my CHAMPS pack is for a smaller version.  A lot of people have been asking me to do create signs that fit on a regular size paper, and can be stored in a notebook.  With this in mind, I created a CHAMPS notebook version that I would like to share with you guys today.

The whole concept of this CHAMPS pack, is that you don't have to change each section every time you are communicating your expectations to your students.  Instead, you pull out of your notebook, and a sheet for each individual activity with pre-determined expectations.

I also added a voice levels sheet to post next to your CHAMPS display.

Here are a couple more examples.

All you have to do is print these up, put them in some sheet protectors, pop them in a binder, and you are ready to go!

If you would like to know more about the CHAMPS system, check out my previous post on the topic HERE

I'm hoping that this will solve the CHAMPS dilemma for people who have limited space.  This pack will be discounted in my store for the next 24 hours. 
If you are interested in purchasing it, click HERE.


Monday Made It - Behavior Punch Cards

Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for the Made it Monday Linky Party!
This year I am doing an owl theme in my classroom, and I've got a lot of great clip art from Pink Cat Studio!  I bought her Owl Word Wall, Owl Behavior Clip Chart, and some regular owl clip art from her that I could use to make my own signs. I love the colors on her behavior clip art poster!
I use behavior punch cards in my class.  At the end of the day we review where everyone is on the behavior chart.  If you are on a green or blue you get one punch, purple is two punches, and pink is three punches.  If they are on yellow, orange, or red, they do not receive a punch. Once the students reach 20 punches, they get a prize from the prize box.

The students also record their color on a calendar in their binders.
This calendar is from Deedee Wills Student Organization Behavior Binders on TPT.  The students color in the box with the color that they received on the behavior clip chart.  I like doing this, because it reinforces calendar and number recognition skills as well : )

What I created today, was a punch card that would go along with my owl theme for the year.  I also created one that just has kids on it, and could be used for any classroom theme.

If you would like the free template for these, click HERE.


Curriculum Planning Process

   The countdown has begun!  4 more weeks until I have to report back to school! I know these 4 weeks are going to fly by in the blink of an eye.  I am already stressing about my to do list (why do I put so much on it every year?!?!).  Anyways, to calm the panic, I decided to work on my year long curriculum plan today, and wanted to show you the process that I go through.

I start with my school calendar.  This is still in rough draft form, but I sweet talked my way into getting one from our secretary, before the break.  Does anyone else get their calendar for the following year, or is it given to you when you go back?
I begin by writing in all of the important dates and activities that will be happening into the notes section.
 I try to plan for as many special events as I can.  I hate it when I have everything organized and the class is running along smoothly, and then all of a sudden, the fire alarm goes off!  After that, I am behind in my lesson plans, and scrambling to finish everything that I wanted to for the day. Things will always pop up, but I try to plan for as many extra events as possible to help keep me on track.

Next, I add in some notes for each subject.  This planning guide is split up by week, so this is just an overview of what I plan on covering that week.  
 The top row is gray, because it is half in April, and half in May.  I make it a different color so that I don't get confused and put the wrong plans on the wrong week : ) 

I do some abbreviations here because my space is limited.  My school uses the Open Court Language Arts Program.  My first year of teaching, I thought that this program would be sufficient to teach my students all of the skills they needed to know, but there are many gaps.  Here are the resources I have added in over the years.

These three additions have really added depth and rigor to my language arts instruction.  This year I am considering adding the following:

2. Supplemental Spelling Program by Khrys Bosland - I already have a spelling program, but this one looks interesting.

I fill in all of my subject areas and look for ways that I can utilize cross curricular learning.  For example, when I do Deedee's poem "Fire" in October, I teach fire safety in social studies, and fire properties in science.  We do an experiment to show that fire needs air to continue burning.

I check my standards as I go through my curriculum plan, to make sure I am covering everything I need to.  Does everyone have this great Common Core Standards App?

I used this curriculum map last year and it saved me a lot of time on my lesson plans.  I quickly reviewed what I wanted to teach, and filled in the blanks. This system gave me a great overview of each month, and the year as a whole.  If you are interested in this planning guide you can find it on my TPT store.

Now I have to go and pay attention to Mr. Nigel, because apparently I'm not focusing on him enough : )


Teaching Back to School Procedures


  Is this summer going by too fast for you, or am I the only one!!!!  Today I worked on my back to school procedures list, and my mind was spinning with all of the things that are still on my summer to do list.

This was the first freebie that I ever posted on TPT, and it needed a big over haul!  I added new things to the list, made it editable, and just overall spruced it up.

 Teaching routines in kindergarten takes some time and effort, but at the end of the year, when your class is running like a well oiled machine, you will be happy that you put in the time and the effort!

Right now it is hard to think about the beginning of the school year, since I just got back from 2 weeks away.  The first week was spent in Denver with my husband's family.  We did touristy things like visit the Denver Zoo, drive/climb Mt. Evans, eat at every place that Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-In's and Dives has ever been to in Denver! Please tell me that I am not the only one who looks up this food/travel network information when they go to visit a new city?  Needless to say, I gained back the 5 pound that I had lost at the beginning of the summer : (

I was driving my husband crazy with all of my requested potty breaks as we drove around Denver.  I swear, that man never has to go!  Anyways, when we take multiple potty breaks, my husband is forced to find interesting places for us to stop, so here is a picture of us at Buffalo Bills grave : ) That sounded weird, they had a gift shop, I didn't pee on the grave LOL!

The week after Denver, I headed to Vegas for the SDE conference, where I attended I Teach K , and Differentiated Learning sessions with my principal and a couple of colleagues.  As I went to the TPT conference on Friday, my hubby drove in and I got to hang out with him on the weekend.  We really enjoyed hanging out at that new little area called The Quad, by the High Roller (The London Eye copycat ride).  Unfortunately they had some blue macaw parrots just chillin' outside the Flamingo Hotel entrance and making a squawking racquet.  I do not like birds!!! My husband snapped this picture of me looking at the birds and posted it on Facebook to show everyone my dislike of birds, and my willingness to fight them if necessary! LOL One of my fellow teachers has a theory that I hate birds because they are unpredictable. Since I like everything to be organized and in it's right place, I think she may be on to something!

I had a lot of fun these last two weeks, but I was ready for my own bed, and my routines, and I definitely missed my dog babies!

Click on the link below for your free copy of my first week procedures list, and let's hope for everyone's sake that this summer starts slowing down and taking its time!