Memory Shoe Boxes and a Freebie!

Summer Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still cleaning up my classroom this week, but I can already taste the freedom!
 Before we went on vacation I had my students do a memory shoebox for their May homework project with their families.  They decorated a shoe box, and the parents filled it with notes, pictures little toys, and mementos from kindergarten.  I sealed the boxes up with packing tape and their instructions, are not to open it again until they are graduating from high school.

Before I sealed up the boxes, I added a couple of items myself.  The first one was a student questionnaire (click on the picture to get the freebie):
Student Questionnaire - Mrs. B's Beehive
I love filling these things out with the kids.  My favorite response to what you want to be when you grow up?  A Target worker!  Way to shoot for the stars, although I can't blame him, Target is pretty awesome : ) I hope they will enjoy reading these as they get older!
Next, I decided to write an individual card for each of my students.

I got these cute little simple cards from Walmart, and tried to give a pink one to each girl : )
I tried to write what they were like in the kindergarten classroom, or tell little stories about what they enjoyed while in my class.  On one of my little girl's cards, I told a story about how she wished she had told me her name was Rainbow Dash on the first day of school, so that I could have called her that all year, and put that on her nametag, instead of Karla!
I'm not going to lie, I got a little misty eyed writing these cards.  This class was seriously amazing, and I miss them already.  It was hands down the best class I have ever had! This was the first year of me doing the memory shoe boxes, and I really enjoyed it, and the parents seemed to as well, so I think I will have to keep the tradition going!

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