CHAMPS Behavior Management System

   One of my big goals this summer is to update all of my TPT products.  I've been making products for just under a year now, and it's amazing how much I have learned along the way through trial and error!  The first product I wanted to redo was my CHAMPS pack.  This is by far my best selling product, and I wanted to make sure that it was cleaned up and ready for back to school time. 

CHAMPS Behavior Management - Mrs. B's Beehive
If you don't know about the CHAMPS program, here is a little overview:

I purchased this book from Amazon last summer, because the idea of the program seemed very interesting to me.  They have other editions of this book, but they are way more expensive.  I purchased the first edition, and got the basic gist of the program, why it's important, and how to implement it.

I then created cards that I could put on my white board (or pocket chart) and review with my students at the beginning of each activity.  Each letter in CHAMPS stands for a different expectation.  C is for conversation, and the cards in this area describe to the students exactly what level their voice should be at during a certain activity.
Your choices in this category include - no talking, whisper voice, inside voice, presentation voice, partner talk, group talk, and whole group discussion.

The H stands for help.  In this section, you are informing the students what they should do if they have a questions regarding their current activity.
The options in this section are - raise your hand, ask 3 before me, ask a neighbor, ask your group, come to the teacher's desk, and work through the problem on your own.

The A stands for activity, so in this section, you tell the students exactly what activity they will be participating in.
The options for this section are - independent work, group work, centers, partner work, stations, whole group instruction, small group instruction, test/quiz, presentations, silent reading, seat work, read to self, work on writing, word work, read to someone, listen to reading (daily 5), and computers.

The M stands for movement. Where are the students allowed to go during their current activity?
Options for movement are - get a new pencil and throw away trash, stay in your group, move around freely, pack up, get/return supplies, hand in completed assignment, go to the bathroom or get a drink, stay in your seat, get a tissue, and line up.

The P im CHAMPS has two options, the first one is participation, and tells the students exactly how they should be participating in the current activity.
Participation includes - actively listening and raising your hand to speak, writing or creating, discussing, reading, completing station expectations, completing a test or quiz, and standing in line.

Your other option for P is post activity.  This tell the students what to do with their assignment, once they are finished.
Cards in this section are - table basket, inbox, finished basket, turn it over, keep it, mailbox, cubby, finish up folder, backpack, poetry journal, and journal.

The S also has a couple of different options, the first one is signal, and let's your students know which signal they should be listening for, to the indicate that the activity is over.
Your choices here are - bell, freeze, timer, chimes, respond to teacher, music, and lights.

Your second choice for S is supplies, and let's your students know what supplies they need to complete the activity.
Supplies included are - pencil, pen, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, paper, book, journal, supply box, white board, and scissors.

Some schools choose not to do a new category for S, but end it with either success, or super students.
At the end of the pack there is also some hand motion cards that give the students a silent way to ask you for permission to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, get a tissue, get a new pencil, and ask a question.
I loved using this in my class last year, and I felt that the students clearly understood what was expected out of them, and had the tools they needed to be well behaved and successful!  Please let me know if you have any questions about the CHAMPS program, or this pack.  I would love to hear if you have used this in your classroom, and how it worked!


Book Study: Word Nerds Chapter 1 & 2

Hi Everyone,
   During the summer I love to catch up on my professional development reading! I always have the best of intentions to do it during the school year, but this book has been sitting around waiting for me since before spring break! 
Word Nerds - Mrs. B's Beehive
My language arts program has a small section dedicated to vocabulary instruction, but I know that I could be doing a much better job with it.  I teach at a school that is 100% Hispanic and the vast majority of our students are English Language Learners.  If we are not explicitly teaching them new, rich vocabulary, where are they going to hear it from?  How are they going to recognize it when they run across it in literature, or on their standardized tests?

I know that I am not alone in teaching ELL's and there were a couple of thoughts that really stood out to me in Chapter 1:
1. We hear our students sounding out the words, and assume that because they can pronounce it, they know what it means, when in fact they are just good at decoding. 
2. We expect our students to speak English, but we don't give them the tools they need to have complex conversations. 
3. When we teach our ELL's we often use the simplest forms of speech to ensure our students are understanding the instructions, but by doing this, we limit their vocabulary development, and ability to use complex words on their own. 

Chapter 2 discussed the beginnings of a plan for vocabulary instruction.  At our school, grades first to eighth have vocabulary books that they draw words from.  We do not have this same program in kindergarten, so I wondered where I could get a list of words from, and what the best way to introduce them to the students was.  In this chapter, the author talks about, and gives an example of a vocabulary planner.
Vocabulary Instructin Plan - Mrs. B's Beehive

Using this planner, you can choose books that you already own, and that you know have rich vocabulary for your students to learn.  For my phonological awareness instruction, I use Jen Jones' program, and have collected the books that follow this program, so I decided to use those books when creating a vocabulary instruction plan.  Here is a link to a freebie in her TPT shop.  I highly recommend this program, and I have seen tangible results from my use of this in the classroom!

Phonological Awareness Curriculum: Text Based & Common Cor
One of the books in February is Doctor Desoto by William Steig.  I decided to reread this book and try to create a vocabulary plan around it.  I read through it, and found it to be very rich in language that I know my students do not know.  Here is a sample of the plan I created for this book.
Vocabulary Instruction Plan - Mrs. B's Beehive
Click on the picture to download.  I am now in the process of going through all of my phonological awareness curriculum books, and extracting rich vocabulary to teach my students.  As I continue to read this book, I will share with you the tips and strategies that I learn for ingraining these vocabulary words into my students everyday speech!


Curriculum Ordering

Hi everyone!
   I finished cleaning up my classroom today, and have everything neatly packed away for summer, although I'm sure I will pop in from time to time to grab some things to work on.  This summer is going to be busy, with trips to Denver (to visit my husband's family), Vegas (for SDE and TPT), Northern California (for a friends 40th birthday party) and Yosemite (never been camping, and I don't know what I'm going to do!)
   I had my contract talks with my principal today, and she offered me the job of Vice Principal of Academics.  I'm honored that she thinks I can do the job, and I am excited/nervous to begin.  I will still be teaching kindergarten, but just have some added responsibilities to go along with it.  I've already started taking over some of the Vice-Principal duties, like ordering curriculum, and that is what I wanted to talk to you about today.
   To start with, I made an inventory form for all of my fellow teachers to record what books they already have in their classroom, and what they will need for the new year.
Textbook Inventory - Mrs. B's Beehive
After I collected these from all of the teachers, I made an ordering list based on which company the products was coming from:
Curriculum Ordering Forms - Mrs. B's Beehive
Finding all of the contact information for all of the different companies that we order from, our customer number, and representatives information was a bit of a challenge.  To make everything easier for myself, I created this form with all the contact information in one place.
Curriculum Ordering Forms - Mrs. B's Beehive
Finally, because I am a big nerd, I had to put it all in a binder, with sheet protectors and a cute front cover : ) Now whoever takes it over from me will have everything nice and organized in one binder, and will not have to travel all over the school to get the information they need like I did : )
Curriculum Ordering Cover - Mrs. B's Beehive
If you would like any of these forms, just click on the picture, and you will be taken to Google Docs for the freebies.  I hope some of you out there find this useful!

One more thing I forgot to add on, I needed to order some whole class textbook sets for 5th grade, and the books that they have are pretty ancient.  We are in the process of updating our textbooks, but like all other schools I am sure, we are waiting for new material that is fully Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards ready.

To order these old books, I typed in the ISBN number in a google search, and I found this awesome website:
Our math textbooks were the most expensive at around $50 each (regular retail is $75) because they are newer editions, but all other books I got from $1-$4!!!!!! I couldn't believe how inexpensive they were.  For a whole class set of 7 hard cover books, I paid around $75!  So if you need to add in some extra sets of old curriculum because of increased enrollment, or damage to the books, you should definitely check this website out!


Memory Shoe Boxes and a Freebie!

Summer Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still cleaning up my classroom this week, but I can already taste the freedom!
 Before we went on vacation I had my students do a memory shoebox for their May homework project with their families.  They decorated a shoe box, and the parents filled it with notes, pictures little toys, and mementos from kindergarten.  I sealed the boxes up with packing tape and their instructions, are not to open it again until they are graduating from high school.

Before I sealed up the boxes, I added a couple of items myself.  The first one was a student questionnaire (click on the picture to get the freebie):
Student Questionnaire - Mrs. B's Beehive
I love filling these things out with the kids.  My favorite response to what you want to be when you grow up?  A Target worker!  Way to shoot for the stars, although I can't blame him, Target is pretty awesome : ) I hope they will enjoy reading these as they get older!
Next, I decided to write an individual card for each of my students.

I got these cute little simple cards from Walmart, and tried to give a pink one to each girl : )
I tried to write what they were like in the kindergarten classroom, or tell little stories about what they enjoyed while in my class.  On one of my little girl's cards, I told a story about how she wished she had told me her name was Rainbow Dash on the first day of school, so that I could have called her that all year, and put that on her nametag, instead of Karla!
I'm not going to lie, I got a little misty eyed writing these cards.  This class was seriously amazing, and I miss them already.  It was hands down the best class I have ever had! This was the first year of me doing the memory shoe boxes, and I really enjoyed it, and the parents seemed to as well, so I think I will have to keep the tradition going!


Room Mom End of the Year Gift

Hi Everyone!
   Every year I struggle with what to get my room mom at the end of the year.  Our school has a lot of events that the room mom's coordinate, and it always amazes me how organized and on top of things they are.  For my gift this year, I decided to search Pinterest for some ideas, and this is what I came up with.  To start with, I saw this cute idea for a bag.

Simple fingerprint balloons with each child's name on it.  I got the canvas bag at Walmart, for only a couple of bucks, and used puff paint (which brought back memories of a certain butterfly sweatshirt I used to wear all the time in Junior High : ).

Next, I found this amazing cup on Etsy:
When I saw this on Pinterest I just knew that I had to have it!  Here's the link to the shop I bought it from:
I threw some Crystal Light lemonade packs in there as well, just to be even more pinteresting : )

Finally, I gathered some other beachy items from Walmart:
I threw everything into my canvas bag, and voila, I have my room mom gift done for the year, and it isn't even the night before graduation! (It's 2 nights before, but I'm still going to count that as a victory!)

Have a wonderful week!


Kindergarten Diploma - Freebie!

Hi Everyone!
   As the school year is winding down, and my stress levels are starting to subside, I'd like to share a graduation freebie with you!  This is a kindergarten graduation diploma that I created.  It's pretty simple, just print it up and go! Click on the picture for the link.

Kindergarten Diploma - Mrs. B's Beehive
2 more days to go, I can do this!!!!