How to get your students to independantly learn their sight words

Hi Everyone!

   Over Spring Break I have been thinking a lot about my sight word goals for my students.  Most of them are doing a wonderful job, and flying right through them, but there are a couple who can't seem to get past the first couple of levels.  They don't seem to have the motivation or drive to learn them like many of my other students do, and there is no support at home either.
We all know how important sight words are, and how they can impact a child's reading level and fluency when they are truly mastered.  We also know, that the English language can just be kind of funky! There are many words that don't make sense phonetically, and we must memorize them based on how they look, without the use of phonetics.  With that in mind, I set out to create a pack that would reinforce sight words with my students.

I created my Wise Words pack with 10 levels from the Fry's first 100 word list.  Each level has the following activities:
*Sight word board games
*Sight word bingo
*Build it with magnets
*Rainbow write
*Secret code spelling
*Time me
*Letter box match-up
*I-spy with recording sheet

Each level is color coded, and all of the activities match, so that it is easy to keep them organized.  I put the activities for each level in sheet protectors, so that the students can use them over and over, and I don't have to waste copies : )
Each level also needs some supplemental material in the box.  I put each of the following into zippered pencil pouches, and labeled each pencil pouch to help stay organized.  These are items that most of us have already lying around the classroom:
1. Dry erase markers
2. Bingo pieces - I use the ones that have red on one side, and yellow on the reverse, but any manipulatives would work to cover up the spaces.
3. Game pieces - a spinner is included in the pack, or you can use some dice.  Game pieces can also be any manipulative you have around the classroom, I like to use bear counters.
4. Timer - I like to have one in each box, but if you don't want to spend the money for that, you could just have 2-3 available for the whole class.
I put my sheet protector pages in the box, along with my zippered pouches, and my red level is ready to go!
Please ignore the horrible job I did with the packaging tape : )

These boxes are intended to be used for early finishers or small groups.  I also like to use them when I have volunteers in the class.  I can just tell the student to go and get their sight word level box, and take it to the volunteer, and they can work on the activities together.  The goal is for students to work on this independently to gain mastery over their sight word levels.

If you would like this pack containing 172 pages of sight word goodness, you can find it in my TPT store by clicking on the picture below.
Wise Words - Mrs. B's Beehive
Have a wonderful week!


  1. I can't seem to find the picture now, but on your word wall you have posted pictures for your word families. Do you happen to know where you got those? I would love to download a set :)

    1. Hi Brittney!
      The word wall posters come from Marsha McGuire's TPT store. You can type her name into the search, and on the side bar, one of the options is word families galore. She has a ton of products practicing word families. I just got the poster pack from her, and I love it!