CVC Word Problems

Hi Everyone!

   As I was finishing up my lesson plans for the year, I had written down in my curriculum guide that I wanted to cover some basics on word problems.  I started to get frustrated that I didn't have any word problems that my students could read independently, and that is how I came up with the idea for CVC word problems!

I created short little word problems that require a knowledge of CVC words and beginning high frequency words.  Here is an example of what they look like:

At the top of the page, the student reads the problem.  For the second section, they use the maipulatives on the side to show how the problem is solved.  The last part of the page asks them to write out the equation.
To make sure that I had some differentiation, I created the exact same word problem, but added numerals instead of number words, and added color to the color words, for students who might need a little extra assistance.
At the end of the pack, I put in some vocabulary cards that will help your students understand some of the basic terminology of word problems.

If you are interested in this pack, you can download a free word problem page in the link below, or you can go straight to my TPT shop, and purchase the whole pack.



  1. Thanks for the freebie! I've added the pack to my Tpt wishlist!

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  3. Cori, you are a genius! It's lovely how you have the differentiation and the CVC words. These word problems are so perfect for kindergartners, and will help them to be independent and have more confidence. I'm so excited to use this with my kindergarten students.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

    1. Thank you Sharon!!! I hope you find these useful in your classroom, and let me know how your students do with them! Thanks for following my blog!