App Review - Can't live without this one!

Hi Everyone!
  Today I wanted to tell you about a behavior management app that I am in love with! It's called Too Noisy.  You can get a free version on the iPhone or iPad, but I highly suggest upgrading to the Too Noisy Pro for only $2.99, you, won't regret it.

The app has a very simple concept, if the class stays quite, they earn stars
Once they earn 10 stars, a big star flashes on the screen, and gives a little victory tune.  Once the students have reached their 10 stars, I add a letter to a word we are working on on the white board (currently we are trying to get all the letters to spell leprechaun : ) Once they get the word spelled, I let them watch a video as a prize. I also know other teachers who add marbles to jars, etc. to reward the students once they get the 10 stars.
What I like the best about this app, is how customizable it is. You can set the sensitivity damper on it, and choose what noise level is acceptable to you during a certain activity.

Once the students get too noisy, the glass "breaks" on the iPad screen, and a star is taken away, so the students can monitor their own noise level without constant reminders from you to keep it down. You can also choose different background themes to display.

One of the best customizable options on this app, is the ability to choose how much time it will take your class to earn a star, and the manual ability to add or remove a star as you see fit.

I have recommended this app to many of my colleagues, and it is widely used at our entire school. I've even had 4th grade students come up to me and thank me for introducing their teacher to the app, because they get to earn marbles in their jar faster now. : ) Teachers love it, but the students also really enjoy the challenge (and the prizes associated with it of course!)
This app can be used on the iPhone, some teachers just put it on their phone, and put the phone under the document reader for it to be projected, this can also be done with the iPad, but the best way to connect your iPad to your projector is with this little device:
I purchased this lightning to VGA adaptor for $50 at the Apple store, and it is a life saver.  It connects directly from the projector to the iPad, and projects exactly what is on your iPad screen.  

It is well worth the $50, I use it everyday. I switch the blue plug for the projector back and forth between the ipad, and the document reader during the day, and all my technology needs are taken care of. I hope you and your students enjoy this app as much as me and mine do!


  1. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. I was excited to see your blog because my classroom is ALL bumble bees! It used to be Winnie the Pooh but it somehow morphed into a busy bee theme. I can't wait to check out all the great posts you have about teaching. I'm SO excited to go back to first. My Minnie Mouse voice just doesn't have the same impact on my 8th graders. lol

    We WILL survive camping! When are you going? Maybe we'll run into each other. Just look for the mom freaking out for no reason...that'll be me. :)

    1. We are going camping on the labor day weekend, so a little bit later in the summer. I don't know how I got to 34 without having been camping, but it should be interesting : )