Valentine's Day! Freebie notes and student gifts!

Hi Everyone!

We are gearing up for our Valentine's day party on Thursday.  I sent out our class list today for the kids to address their Valentine's day cards.

Mrs. B's Beehive - Valentine's Day List

Click on the image above to get a free copy of the editable PDF.

For my gifts to the students this year I decided to make homemade gifts.  I searched around on pinterest and saw these cute labels attached to a bag of cookies.  While grocery shopping this weekend I stumbled upon these beauties, which I was way too excited about : )

Of course I had to taste test them before I hand them out to the kids, just to make sure they aren't poisonous or anything.  Honestly, the regular Oreos are MUCH better, but they get an A for effort on their festive colors.

I attached these labels to the top of the bags.
Mrs. B's Beehive - Valentine's Day

Voila! Cute and easy Valentine's for your class!  Click on the image above for the cookie bag topper!



  1. Cori!

    Those are adorable! I have never seen that kind of Oreo before! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


  2. Thank you for sharing these : )

  3. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing! The regular oreos are good, but the Berry Icecream are divine. I can eat an entire package by myself! :)