Guided Reading Sort Organization

Hi Everyone,
  Today I wanted to share with you the ways in which I organize my guided reading sorts.  I have went through a couple of different systems, but I have finally found one that I like, that is easily accessible, and stays clean.

I purchased these baseball card holder from Amazon:

Mrs. B's Beehive - Guided Reading Sorts Organization

They are pretty inexpensive, but also durable.  I printed out my guided reading sorts pack, and had my wonderful parents cut up everything for me.

Mrs. B's Beehive - Guided Reading Sorts
I organized everything by level.  I taped the little cards that come with the pack that say the level, what the sort is, and the answer keys to the front of the baseball card sleeves.  Now, everything is clear and easy to find, and my students LOVE doing these sorts and showing off their knowledge! I also used my label maker for some of the blends, and some alphabet stickers I found at the Target dollar spot to make things even more clear.  This system has been a real time saver for me when conducting my guided reading groups!

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