An Engine and a Caboose

Hi Everyone,
   I don't know if you have the same problem as I do, but my students are always fighting about who will be first in line, and also, who will be last in line.  I have some students who could care less, and just get in line wherever there is room, but I always have those couple of competitive students who feel like their life isn't complete unless they are in the front!
  For the past couple of years to combat this issue, I have created a simple line leaders chart.

I have a boy line, and a girl line, so I write down all of the boy names on my blue and green polka dot paper, and all of the girl names on my pink and purple paper.

I hot glued my engine train pieces, and my caboose pieces to clothespins, and I just move them each day to have a new leader and caboose.  This system has solved all of the arguing over line placement in my class, and my cabooses always remember to shut off the lights in the classroom, and close the doors (even when I forget : )

If you would like a free editable copy of this line leader and caboose system, just click on the picture below.
Mrs. B's Beehive - Line Leaders

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