Religion Essay Freebie

Hi Everyone,
   My school is in the middle of Catholic schools week, and I am exhausted! We started out the week with an essay contest, followed by big brother/ big sister day and a pep rally.  Yesterday was appreciation day where we had a guest speaker, and wrote thank you cards to community figures.  Today was the mini-Olympics (the main reason for exhaustion right now), and tomorrow is grandparents day where we will have mass with the grandparents, and then every class will do a little performance for them while they are served a continental breakfast in the cafeteria.

I wanted to share with you a Catholic School's week essay form that you could use with your students whenever you have a religion paper to write.


 Why did I think this was a good idea when I've had a back injury?

The kids had so much fun and so did I, but I am in need of a seriously long nap!


Past vs. Present Freebie

Hi Everyone!
   As part of our Social Studies unit on past vs. present, we have been discussing the many things that have changed over the years.  We have discussed schools, homes, technology, cars, and clothing.  To help my students visualize and show their understanding of this topic, I created this past vs. present sort for my students to complete.
 Before completing the sort, we take a look at these cards, and discussed the differences between then and now.

My students love discussing the ways in which our world has changed, and I hope that you can use this freebie with your students to help them visualize the differences in our lives.

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Internal vs. External Body Parts

Hi Everyone!
     My students have been studying the human body, and recently we have been learning about internal parts vs. external parts. I love teaching about the human body, because the students are always so interested and attentive, finding out about what is really going on beneath their skin. 
     To help my students understand the difference between external and internal body parts, I created this sorting worksheet.
Prior to completing this worksheet, we used these labeled cards to categorize the body parts on the board, and briefly discuss the functions of each organ or appendage.

Please feel free to download this free worksheet and use with your class.

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Sink vs. Float

Every year I like to do a sink vs. float activity with my students.  We begin by discussing what it means to sink and what it means to float.  We make some guesses as to why some things sink and some things float, and we give some examples of objects that we already know float, or sink.  We then read this book:

Floating and Sinking by Amy Hansen gives the students great information as to why some things float, and other do not.  It has great pictures, and I found it to be the perfect amount of explanation on the concept for kindergartens students.

After we read the book, we experiment with some objects in our classroom. I like to use objects  that can easily be found around the classroom so that it requires little prep for me, especially on those days that I have a lot on my plate #everyday.  I begin by collecting all of the materials, and fill a large plastic container with water.

I let the students come up one at a time and do the test.  Before we drop it in, we take some guesses as to whether it will sink or float, and support our guesses by referring back to information that we learned in the book we just read.

While we are testing out our materials, we are also simultaneously recording the information in our pocket chart.

When the experiment has concluded, we check our understanding by completing a sink vs float sorting activity.

The students take out their interactive journals, and add this activity into them.  The class always finds this activity engaging, and with all the tools organized ahead of time, it is a stress free way to get some hands on science into your classroom!  If you would like a copy of the sorting activity and cards, click on the link below:

If you are interested in more activities such as this one, check out my Kindergarten Interactive Science Journal that provides you with a year's worth of resources to support your science curriculum!


My Lesson Plan Template

Hi Everyone,
   I'm trying to relax and enjoy me last 2 days of vacation before I go back to school. Yesterday I busted out a month worth of lesson plans, so I am feeling pretty organized on that front. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to during the break due to a pesky little flu bug that knocked me on my butt for a week.
I wanted to share with you my lesson plan template that I have used for the past 2 years. I've tried many different templates over the years, ones that I have purchased, and ones that I have created.  This template has seemed to work the best for me to view things at a glance, and to also be able to view the whole week as my binder is laid open on my desk. Click on the link at the bottom of the page for the free template.
Here is an example one of my lesson plans:

I work in a Catholic School, and we are required to have our Students Learning Expectations on our lesson plans, so those are the red letters and numbers you see on the side.  This could easily be changed to common core or state standards.  I also like to add in pictures from pinterest or other sources for the art projects that I will be doing with the kids for the week,  This gives me a helpful reminder of what the project should look like.

My husband and I decided to go on a hike today with some of our friends. Living in San Diego, there are many wonderful trails to choose from. We decided to do the Iron Mointain hike, which we had done once before. I thought that I was over my recent sickness, but half way through the hike the mucus started building up in my chest and I could not breath! Being the horribly stubborn person I am though, I didn't want to admit defeat, so I trudged my butt up the rest of the mountain, but with a lot more stops than I would have liked.

On the way back, my shoes betrayed me, and I ate it! I know running shoes are not for hiking, but I've never had a problem with them before. I stepped onto a rock, and my foot slid forward out from under me and I landed hard on my derrière. My elbow came down hard and scrapped the treacherous rock as well. I sat there for a second trying to ascertain my injuries, trying not to cry, desperately searching for my pride. I am getting too old to fall! I'm bruised up, and my butt is in constant pain, but I'm lucky there is so much padding back there that I was not seriously injured. 

Next up on my list: buy some actual hiking shoes that have some grip to them! Here's a picture of us at the end of the hike, happy that it is over : )

Free Template:

Have a great day!