Bee Bulletin Board and a Freebie!

Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share with you another bulletin board that we did the first week of school.  I teach in a Catholic school, and one of our bulletin boards always has a religious theme.  To start out the year we began with our "We BEElong to Jesus board."

If you are at a public school, you could easily change this to We BEElong in kindergarten, etc. : )
Once again, I am not very crafty, so I made the bee template on the computer and copied it onto construction paper. 

The only thing that I did not make a template for was the black lines on the bee.  I gave the students strips of black paper, and they cut them according to the size they needed for their bee.  I think they turned out great!

If you would like the bee template, just click on the link below.




  1. I'd love to do this activity with my kiddos at the beginning of the school year!
    Just curious, how did you print off the template for the antennae and the stingers? The outlines are black but they should be printed on black paper.

    1. Hi Emily! I know it sounds weird, but if you print out the antennae and stingers, and have them copied on black construction paper, you can still totally see the black line, I promise! : )