Pinterest Inspired

Hi everyone!

   I just finished my first week of school, and I have to say that I am loving the fact that I only have 15 students!!!  I normally have 28-30, so this is a huge change, the classroom is so quiet! 
   Before school started I asked my husband to help me with a pinterest project.  I think most of us have seen this adorable back to school wreath:
   I found some rulers at Walmart that were fifty cents each, so I grabbed 10 of those.  I then went to Michael's, and found the black center piece, but no apple : (  What I did find was a cute wooden bee.  I figured bee's were back to schoolish, and since I am Mrs. B, I figured it would work too : )  We also decided on blue, glittery ribbon, that we thought would go a little better with the bee, and my classroom colors.
   My husband borrowed the chop saw from my parents, and got to work.  He cut some at the 6 inch length, and some at the 4 inch length.
   The original directions called for a wooden ring behind the wreath to help create the perfect circle, but my husband just glued the rulers directly to the black circle and it worked out perfectly!
   I love how it turned out, and my husband is now getting requests from other teachers at my school to make them one : )  Thank goodness I married a crafty man, because Lord knows I did not inherit that gene from my crafty mother! 


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