Back to School with a Freebie

Hi Everyone!
  As I am preparing to go back to school I am thinking about all of the procedures I need to teach my kids at the beginning of the year.  I usually weave them into my lesson plans, and to be honest, I know that some get grazed over more quickly than then should.
  I truly believe that if you teach a procedure properly from the beginning, and with lots of consistency, you will make life so much easier for you and your kids because they will know exactly what to expect.
  To help myself stay accountable for teaching these routines I have created a checklist that will be separate from my lesson plans in which I have listed all of the procedures I find absolutely necessary to teach my kids.  In this way, if I don't get to them all in the first week (which can be difficult with short weeks and mini-days), then I know what procedures still need to be reviewed the following days and weeks.

Please grab this freebie in my TPT store, and I hope it helps to make your first week stress free! : )

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  1. Thank you for the checklist. It is always helpful to see what it is you have done and what you didn't cover.