Word Family Practice

Hi everyone,
  I thought I would start by showing you around my room.  The first thing I wanted to show you was my word family door.

These are from a Carson Dellosa set that I purchased from our local teaching store.  The set has 30 different word family objects in it.  I kept the ones that were the most commonly used in kindergarten, and gave the rest of the set to the first grade teacher.  We go over one a week.  Every day we repeat what the word family is, read all of the words, and assign a motion to each word to help us remember its meaning.  After we read them over, I call on one student to pick one of the words for that day.  We write it down on this form:
We then come up with a sentence together that we add to the bottom.  This form and a cover for this form can be found at the wonderful website of Mrs. Nelson.  If you haven't looked through it yet, you really need to check out her website, it has many wonderful teaching ideas on it. 

Talk to you soon!


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