My Pinterest Inspired Classroom

Hi everyone!
  I am obsessed with pinterest, just the same as any other woman I know, much to the derision of our husbands : )  Here are a couple of things in my classroom that have been pinterest inspired.

We've all seen the pin to use an oil drip plan for magnetic activities.  I bought 2 of them at Walmart ($10 each), and my husband attached them to the bottom of my calendar area. I tape on rotating activities for my students to complete.  Here is the link for these activities:
ABC Centers

 Here are a couple of other places to find magnetic activities:

The Snail's Trail Blog
Make, Take, and Teach Blog

After reading April Larremore's post on her blog Chalk Talk I decided to change up my word wall.  I had always done popcorn words, but they always seemed too scattered and difficult for the students to find the right words.  This way is so much more organized and I can see that the student's use it a lot more efficiently.  She had also mentioned that whatever picture you use for a letter needs to stay consistent.  We use Open Court at my school, and I had some extra flashcards that I stapled up next to each letter to help the students connect the letter to our larger set in the front of the class.

Last but not least is our guided reading stools.  I found this idea on pinterest, and it has really helped me out with some storage issues.  The kindergarten classroom is housed in a rather old building, and it lacks a good storage space.  Within these crates I keep extra wipies, kleenex, hand sanitizer, pencils, glue, pipe cleaners, you name it.  The fact that they double as guided reading stools and writing center stools makes it all the more useful!

Talk to you soon!


  1. I have those magnetic centers as well and I could never remember where I found them from but I saw them on Pintrest (of course!) one day and pinned them so I would's the link ;)

    I have GOT to get myself some oil drip pans!