Leap Frog TAG Readers

Hi everyone,
  To continue the tour of my classroom I wanted to discuss my Leapfrog Tag Readers.
When I first started reading about Daily 5 I did some research into the best possible way to present listen to reading.  Previous to my TAG readers I had a cassette player that I used with books checked out of the library.  There were a couple of problems with this, first off my students had a somewhat difficult time operating the machine independently, and secondly, our school library really didn't have the best selection of cassette's for the students to read.  They were out of date, and many only had one copy of the book.

I was reading a blog one day, and someone mentioned that they had some Leap Frog TAG readers donated to their classroom, and this is what they used for listen to reading. I did some research, and estimated that I would need $300 to make this a possibility.

At open house (on the 2nd day of school), I let the parents know what my goal was, and let them know that there would be future fundraising opportunities.  I also sent a note home a couple weeks later, and let them know they could send in straight out donations too! : )  I went on the Souplantation website, completed a form, and got set for "funraiser" at our local restaurant.  Souplantation would give us 15% of their total profits, from 5pm-8pm on the day that we chose.  I notified the whole school about this fundraiser, and we had a great turnout.  We recieved a $230 check from Souplantation!  I also had parents donate both money and TAG reader books worth $70-$80.  With this, I was able to buy 6 TAG readers, and about 4 books for each reader.  This is how I organize them:
Each box has a certain colored star on it, and the TAG reader and all the books in that box have the same colored star, that's how we keep them all organized.

I love the fact that my parents are still looking to help me out with this project.  Every now and then they come in with some TAG books they found on clearance at Target or Walmart, and just the other day a couple of my parents found some funny phrases boards, and create a word boards for $1!!!!  They purchased a ton of them for my class to use:
My kids LOVE using the TAG readers, and as we all know technology comes so easily to kids now a days!  I work in San Ysidro, California, which is the southern most city in San Diego County, just minutes from the Mexican border. For 95% of my students English is their second language, so these TAG readers really help with English acquisition and pronunciation.  They took a little bit of work to get them, but they were well worth the effort!

Talk to you soon!

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